LaMemoir Photography | About

15 years ago, a boy and a girl met for the first time. They were 12 years old. Their journey together began soon after then, and continues today.

We are Ricci & Max, artists living the fairytale life.

As photographers and storytellers, all of our effort serves one purpose: to create a truly unique experience for you to shine even brighter. We will cast our magic to help your personal style shine through; our goal is to capture the heart warming moments of your dream wedding, bringing you visual pieces of those enchanting feelings you would never forget.

With a background in film and fashion, we always strive to be creative in telling your stories through our lenses. If you are looking for something more fun and ethereal, we are also available to shoot UNDERWATER!

To us, life is a journey of loving, creating, sharing and discovering. Having covered 30 countries, world travel is not only a passion but also a part of our life. We are available to shoot world wide, to capture that special moment for you, to share our creativity, and to discover the beauty of life, through you!